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Omani Legal Force Program

Omani Legal Force Program

The training Program will be divided into three Stages:

1-         Toles foundation (Legal English)

2-         Essential legal Modules

3-         One of the Three Legal Fields chosen by Trainee

Date : 05 - 30 Jan, 2020

Place : Muscat Language : English Location : Ghala/Muscat Register Now
Per participant - OMR National Program
Fees + VAT as applicable

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The training Program will be divided into three Stages:

1-         Toles foundation (Legal English)

2-         Essential legal Modules

3-         One of the Three Legal Fields chosen by Trainee

1. Toles Foundation (Legal English)

In this stage trainees will be given "Toles" legal-English sessions to enhance the legal-English ability for them as most of them lack the Legal –English linguistic foundation. This stage is very important for  Arabic-Based  which it creates the door for participant to cross introducing into deep English-Legal sessions .This  sessions will be combined with introducing  and explaining legal principles (Toles Teaching Style) then employ sets of carefully selected English-legal exercises designed to enhance participants understanding of the principles. Groups will be selected carefully and divided into different course classes according to their Legal-English Language level. The duration of this Stage will be between 4 to 6 months (60 Hours per Month), depends on the trainees ability to pass the Toles Examination, we expected all groups will be able to pass the first level of Toles Test within 6 months, which will be sufficient to transfer them into the second stage


2. Essential Legal Modules

In stage 2 the trainees will be introduced into 5 essential legal modules. These modules are designed to furnish the legal path for every delegate as they are fundamental to engage in any of the three legal fields that provided in stage three. These modules are:


  • Introduction to Professional Practice
  •  Business Law and Practice knowledge and skills
  • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Dispute Resolution knowledge and skills (including criminal litigation)
  • Legal Research Methods

The Duration for all of these 5 modules is 6 months, (60 hours per month).

3. Legal Field chosen by Trainee

This Stage is the core phase where trainees will choose one of the three main legal fields designed for them. The Duration of this Stage is 9 months (60 hours per month).

  • Approach and Methodology

The Training Provider (EMG) is known for their delivery of insightful, interactive and engaging seminars. All are highly qualified individuals with many years of experience in designing and delivering training courses on a wide range of corporate and commercial areas of law. They are specialists in the areas they teach and are keenly aware of the need to deliver 'direct and relevant' seminars which give valuable awareness their strategy has always been on personalized learning, where they aim to develop the competence of every delegate by actively engaging in them in the they've ensure course. They use a variety of training material and training delivery methods to ensure participants not only gain new knowledge and skills, but apply what they have learned back on the job. Whether through role-play, small group activity or individual action planning, they ensure the learners are engaged and participating throughout the training day.

Using case studies and practical example, the delegates will be provided with a thorough grounding in the area they are being taught and will gain the confidence needed to deliver accurate effective advice.

  • All training is based on audio/visual technology.
  • Personalized learning, where aim to develop the competence and confidence of every delegate by activity engaging them in the seminar.
  • Encouraging individual pair works as well as group work during the training sessions
  • With non-native English speaking lawyers, it is important to provide ample opportunity for discussion in class
  • Infuse the courses with lots of commercial elements. Using case studies and practical examples

Our Program will focus on three main legal fields according to the market demands, these legal fields are:

•             Energy

•             Commercial

•             Construction


* Energy legal field will cover these main aspects:


- Oil and Gas

 - Renewable Energy

- Power Purchase

 - Energy Regulation and Policy


This training aims to develop the trainee's knowledge and understanding of the:


• Key players in the international oil, gas and energy industry,

•The principal licensing and contractual arrangements which are found in the international oil and gas industry, new sources of energy especially, Renewable.

• The principal standard form contracts used in the industry including the North Sea LOGIC/CRINE standard form contracts and the Association of independent Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) standard form contracts,

•The key legal contractual risk management issues and (5) the international dispute resolution framework and institutions.

•Principal legal and regulatory arrangements at Oman, the UK, and international level;

•The roles of the stakeholders and key players in the energy industry;

•The relationship between energy, environment, sustainable development, climate change law and policy;

•The key current legal and regulatory frameworks for the energy sub- sectors; and

•The international dispute resolution framework and institutions in the context of expert decisions, mediation arbitration and litigation. The content, while set out in indicative form here, will be contextualized depending on the course on which the training will be taught and the jurisdiction in which it will be offered.




* Commercial Law will cover:

- Law of contract

 - Legal aspects of mergers and acquisition

- Purchasing principles and law

 - Taxation law

- Internationals Trade law

 - Comparative Company law

This training provides:

- A thorough examination of the Law of Contract. lt will also consider the role which the general principles underlying the Law of Contract have in the wider context of the law of civil obligations and in the law relating to remedies.

- An understanding of the core legal and contractual techniques pertaining to private mergers and acquisitions (private M&A) under English law for the sale and purchase of target companies or assets - with a focus on M&A transaction, requirement and contractual issues typically encountered in the oil, gas and energy industry.

- Knowledge and understanding of key legislation that directly impacts upon purchasing decisions. To provide trainees with a sound understanding of some key technical aspects relative to the purchasing function in organizations. To encourage critical evaluation of some of the important purchasing tools and techniques;

- Reference to; the philosophy of taxation and history of taxation in Oman and in the UK; the litigation of tax disputes and the significance of devolution in relation to the law of taxation.

-The law relating to income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax with consideration of the computation of liability for such taxes. The law of VAT and the significance of the UK tax framework

-Reference to; Contract formation in an international commercial law context; an introduction to contract law and international transactions; carriage of goods by sea; dispute resolution methods; and technical aspects of the international trade environment.

-Reference to the introduction to the law and practice of international  Sale of Goods, contract formation and interpretation, international contract terms (INCOTERMS), discharge of obligations and available remedies, drafting international commercial agreements, contracts, UNIDROIT principles, dispute resolution and UNCITRAL, questions of jurisdiction.

-Reference to the comparative study, examples, case studies and training contact will be drawn from various jurisdictions around the world. The most commonly referred to laws will be these of Oman, the UK, USA, China, Malaysia, Japan and lndia.

* Construction Law

- Construction Law (Procurement)

- Construction Law (Contract and Administration)

- Tendering

 - Construction Negligence Claims

This training aims to develop in trainee’s knowledge and understanding of:

(A) General principles of contract law within which construction contracts are located,

(B) Types and standard forms of construction contract in use within the construction industry,

(C) The role, obligations and responsibilities of the employer and the contractor under construction contracts, and

(D) Key matters arising during the course of a construction contract.


It will provide reference to: The legal issues arising at the procurement and commencement of construction projects such as Principles of Contract Law/Building Contracts in general; an introduction to the Standard forms of construction contract. Issues around procurement routes and particular procurement issues such as subcontracting, bonds and guarantees, novation and assignation and insurance.

This training will also aims to cover the key legal issues which arise through the administration of a construction contract as it is being developed, including Health and Safety; the Employer s Obligations includes payment, Contractor s obligations and Professional team obligations (including certification

Elahe Marzieh Elahe Ghazinoori

Admitted as a solicitor in England & Wales trainer


Employment history

EMG Associates (UK) Limited Feb 2006 - current

Director and principal legal presenter

BPP Professional Development Dec 2006 – Oct 2008

Legal Presenter:

Presenting seminars to the CPD/PSC delegates. Subjects include Personal /Corporate Insolvency, Private Company Acquisitions, Company Law Revisited. Presenting and Defending winding Up Petitions, the Companies Act 2006, Insolvency Litigation-introduction.

BPP Professional Education (Part-time) Feb 2006- Oct 2006

Lecturer on the LPC Program:

Julia Hansen

Bachelor of Laws Trainer at EMG


? CELTA Certificate

British Council, Abu Dhabi. May - 2018

? Diploma in Military Law

Australian National University, Canberra – 2012

? Admitted as solicitor, Australia

Supreme Court of Victoria - 2008

? Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Media (Major in Film Production)

Macquarie University, Sydney – 2007, Exchange Program University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Department on International Law – 2006

? Army Specialist Service Officer

Royal Military College Duntroon, Canberra - 2008


Master of Law degree Trainer at EMG



2017 – present Founder and Producer, Study Legal English

Founder and producer of Study Legal English which provides legal English resources including the Study Legal English Podcast. It aims to help non-native English-speaking lawyers and law students improve their legal English. The podcast has been downloaded over 100,000 times in over 160 countries. www.studylegalenglish.com

2013 – present Freelance legal English teacher

Teacher of legal English to non-native English-speaking lawyers and law students both online and face-to-face. Bespoke one-to-one classes and courses including International Contract Drafting, TOLES, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

2014 – 2017 English Teacher, City Community College Limited

Developed and delivered English as a foreign language classes to a range of students (ages 7-25 years old) including general English and IELTS and ran study trips in London.

2013 – 2014 English Teacher, Idiomaster

Taught English as a foreign language to beginner – upper intermediate students (ages 20-50) in group classes within companies in Rio de Janeiro. Topics included TOLES, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge exams, general, business English and legal English.

2011 – 2013 Legal Outreach, Eradicating Ecocode (Earth Community Trust)

Legal Outreach for an organisation working on the development of international environmental law. Carried out a range of public speaking engagements at UN Conferences (Earth Summit 2012, UNICRI), ran training workshops on environmental law and featured as keynote speaker at universities (Oxford, UCL, Antwerp University, Aix en Provence) on the topic of international and environmental law.

Peter Pafitis

Bachelor of Laws, LLB Trainer at EMG


EMG Associates

Presenter (2016-present)

A.G. Erotocritou LLC

Head of Legal Services Development (2017-present)

CTAC Group

Senior Legal Consultant (2018-2019)

University of Nicosia

  • • Associate Lecturer in Law (2007-2016) & Adjunct Lecturer in Law (2016–present)


  • • Senior Lecturer in Law – 1996-2007

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology

  • • Visiting Lecturer for the law component of the Institute of Financial Services Programme at the Manchester School of Management, 2002-2005

International Agencies Ltd. Cyprus

  • • Business Development Manager/Legal Advisor and Director/Company Secretary of associate company CG Confold Overseas Ltd, Cyprus (offshore) 1990 - 1996

KTC, Bahrain

  • • Legal Advisor/ Commercial Manager, 1986-1990

Bucheery Construction Services, Bahrain

  • • Group Legal Advisor, 1983-1986

Alkomed Engineering Services, Bahrain

  • • Legal Advisor, Assistant to Managing Director, 1981-1983